A tractor mechanic tries to break into an ATM in Hastinapur, caught on CCTV

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Hastinapur, Meerut: In another incident of attempted ATM theft, a mechanic attempted to break into an ATM kiosk without success and was arrested by police. The incident happened on Friday night in Ganeshpur village below Hastinapur police station in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh.

The complaint in this regard was filed by Rajesh Kumar, Director of Punjab and Sind Bank. In his complaint, the bank manager told police he got information from a local villager that someone was trying to break into the bank’s ATM.

Rajesh Kumar immediately contacted the police and other senior bank officials. When police arrived at the scene, the accused had fled, according to a report in the Hindi daily Hindustan.

Upon further examination, police found that the accused had broken the glass door of the ATM and partially damaged the ATM.

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The bank manager obtained the CCTV footage and handed it over to the police for further investigation. Police identified the accused as local tractor mechanic Rajkumar, a resident of Bhimnagar in Hastinapur.

After obtaining information, the police immediately began to search for the accused. Rajkumar was then arrested on a road leading to the village of Saifpur.

In another incident on May 10 this year, thieves reached AU Small Finance Bank in an SUV and then spray-painted CCTV cameras. They then opened the ATM and fled with Rs 10 lakh.

However, the bank’s central monitoring system managed to send alerts to bank officials urging them to contact the police. When the head of operations, Riyaz Akhtar, received the alert, he immediately informed the police.

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In a similar incident reported in the nation’s capital in May last year, thieves opened an ATM to loot Rs 10 lakh in Patel Nagar area. After the robbery, the robbers also set fire to the ATM to destroy any evidence.

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