Acting for the climate from the start: Standard and its partners focus on nutrition

FMD East Africa MD Fergus Robley, Group CEO Standard Orlando Lyomu, VP Operations Mediheal Santosh Devaraj and Managing Director Space and Style Ltd?. Winnie Ngumi at Nakuru Golf Club during the Standard County Golf Classics. [Samson Wire, Standard.]

The layout of a golf course follows certain architectural principles. Scenic fields generally reflect the planning and siting, design, construction, maintenance and operation of facilities.

Planting trees goes a long way towards creating a beautiful green on every golf course, which The Standard Group, in an initiative on the theme ‘On the Green Course for a Green Cause’, has found rewarding.

The initiative reflects Standard Group PLC’s commitment to championing climate action, while strengthening business relationships.

A recent tournament at Nakuru Golf Club, attended by at least 170 golfers, was the epitome of the Standard County Golf Classics 2021/2022 series.

The series’ fourth event of the season has made a strong contribution to Standard Group’s conservation program, as was the case with editions at Nyali Golf and Country Club in Mombasa, as well as Eldoret and Nanyuki Sports last year .

In the first three clubs, the company planted native trees. But from the Nakuru tournament, only fruit trees will be planted to introduce a nutritional aspect in the preservation of the environment.

This will complement the Group’s other greening programs with schools and other partners across the country that focus on growing fruit trees. Standard Group CEO Orlando Lyomu said this was key to contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 2 (zero hunger) and 13 (climate action).

The Group has also invited more organizations to partner on and off the golf course to promote climate change adaptation and mitigation under the leadership of Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Orlando Lyomu.

Standard Group CEO Orlando Lyomu waters a tree during the County Golf Classic series at Nakuru County Golf Club, February 2022. [Samson Wire, Standard]

“We are determined to make the courses greener, but we will plant more fruit trees,” Mr Lyomu said at the end of the Nakuru tournament, where the company partnered with Mediheal Group of Hospitals, FMD East Africa. Limited and Space and Style Limited. .

Space and Style Limited’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms Winnie Ngumi, said of the partnership with Standard Group PLC: “Our pre-engineered light gauge steel trusses are an excellent substitute for traditional timber trusses. Wooden farms cause deforestation, damage the environment and contribute to climate change. Steel is environmentally friendly; 66% of it is recycled.

“We also provide a turnkey construction solution consisting of steel structures instead of bricks and mortar. Projects are accurate with shorter construction time, quality control and are much more affordable. Frametech steel, along with our fiber cement panels, is used for dry construction, which helps conserve water used in construction projects,” added Space and Style Limited, which provides innovative construction and lifetime building.

She said their stone coated tiles are safe for water collection because they are made of Aluzinc and coated with natural stone chips. Their PVC gutters, she says, are easy to install and have no leaks at the joints.

The Vice President of Commercial Relations of Mediheal Group of Hospitals, Mr. Gokul Prem Kumar, said, “We are adopting the concept of green hospital, which improves the patient’s well-being and facilitates the healing process while using the resources in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. ”

In doing so, Kumar said they reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and conserve energy, such as harnessing alternative resources such as solar power. This saves up to 25% of costs and the benefits are passed on to patients, making the treatment cheaper.

Research shows that patients recover faster in green hospitals. “We are able to make Kenya the preferred healthcare destination for patients traveling for transplants (kidney and liver), cancer management, cardiac sciences, IVF, neurosurgery and many more” , Mr. Kumar said.

Pan-African Equipment (Kenya) Ltd, trading as FMD East Africa Ltd, has also partnered with Standard Group in the County Golf Series.

East Africa Managing Director, Mr. Fergus Robley, said FMD, which provides farmers with a one-stop-shop for mechanized farming solutions, “advocates sustainable and appropriate agricultural technology”.

“Now more than ever, farmers need to embrace science to produce more on less land, while being environmentally conscious,” he added.

Patrick Matindi in action during the Standard County Golf Classic at Nakuru Golf Club on February 5, 2022. [Harun Wathari, Standard]

The company’s mechanization solutions include Massey Ferguson tractors and implements, Baldan land preparation and planting equipment and sprayers. Through this partnership, FMD has also reached out to farmers to educate them about the effects of climate change on agriculture; and the preservation of the environment.

FMD promotes conservation tillage (or minimum tillage) as well as land preparation that creates growing crops in a way that conserves soil, water and energy resources through chisel ploughs, subsoilers for soil conditioning and sprayers, all of which operate behind a tractor.

Getting started in conservation agriculture is capital-intensive, according to the company, but once the equipment is available, yields increase year after year.

Eka Hotels is the Standard Group’s other partner in the greening initiative and has, through its Amrit Foundation, which “promotes environmental conservation by encouraging the use of environmentally friendly products, proper waste management and energy conservation practices such as the use of solar energy”. also contributed immensely to conservation.

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