AGCO’s Massey Ferguson factory produces one millionth tractor

AGCO, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, celebrates the production of the millionth tractor at its Massey Ferguson factory in Beauvais.

The company says this “significant milestone” coincides with the company’s 175th anniversary. Massey Ferguson has been manufacturing tractors in Beauvais, France since November 20, 1960.

Darren Parker, Massey Ferguson Vice President, North America, said: “2022 is a year of milestone celebrations for Massey Ferguson. We salute the hard work and dedication of our colleagues in Beauvais to produce our millionth tractor.

“We are also delighted to celebrate 175 years of simple, reliable equipment innovation from Massey Ferguson this year. These two milestones prove our status as agricultural problem solvers dedicated to providing the right equipment, at the right price, for individual farm operations. Our equipment, like our customers, is Born to Farm.

Thierry Lhotte, vice-president and general manager of Massey Ferguson EAME, and president of AGCO in France presented the millionth tractor produced in Beauvais – a brand new MF 8S.305 Dyna-VT – to Thierry Aubrée, farmer and entrepreneur from the village of La Chapelle des Fougeretz in Brittany, France.

Lhotte said: “On behalf of all our employees and dealers, I would like to thank our customers for their unwavering trust. The new 8S joins Aubrée’s expanding Massey Ferguson fleet which already includes four tractors, three combines and two large balers.

Boussad Bouaouli, Vice President, Beauvais Manufacturing, highlighted the commitment of employees to the development of the Beauvais MF campus. “Since 1960, there have always been people who have moved the site, always with the right concern to approach farmers to meet the challenges of the time and, above all, with a clear vision of the future”, Bouaouli said.

It all started with the MF 825 in 1960. Since then the site has grown steadily, producing iconic tractors driven by innovation, including:

  • MF 3000 series in 1986, the first tractor with on-board electronics
  • MF 8600 in 2008, introducing the concept of efficient power, which reduces environmental impact, thanks to the first use of SCR technology on an agricultural machine
  • The MF 8S Series in 2020, with its award-winning Protect-U concept, which features 9.4 inches of space between the cab and the engine installation, reducing heat, noise and vibration transmitted to the cab and improving the cooling and performance. The MF 8S Series has received Tractor of the Year 2021, Red Dot: Product Design 2021 and Farm Machine 2022 awards.

“The Beauvais plant and our dedicated employees embody Massy Ferguson’s commitment to farmer-focused equipment solutions. This factory, named Factory of the Year 2016, represents the modern era of Massey Ferguson. This campus defines our future and new standards,” Bouaouli said.

The site has seen innovative developments in recent years, including the implementation of Lean Manufacturing practices, the extension of the Beauvais 2-cabin assembly line and a logistics center, and a tractor customization workshop.

The factory produces many of the brand’s most popular tractors, including the MF 4700 M, MF 5700 M, MF 5S, MF 6S, MF 7S, MF 8S and MF 8700 S series. Up to 100 tractors can be produced and shipped daily to dealers in over 70 countries.

“As we hand over this millionth tractor, we are ready to unify our locations into one MF campus with all of our departments under one roof,” Lhotte said. “It offers great flexibility and takes advantage of the unique experiences, skills and commitment of the people who work here. This tractor milestone is the success of our 2,500 employees, including our GIMA transmissions joint venture.

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