Banknotes with this serial number can earn you up to Rs 3 lakh. here’s how


Banknotes with this serial number can earn you up to Rs 3 lakh. Here is how | Photo credit: Getty Images

New Delhi: Collecting coins and banknotes is a hobby and passion for many people. Some like to collect specific coins and banknotes because of their rarity or because they are considered auspicious. The next time you have some cash on hand, be sure to take a look at the serial number and if you have a note with the serial number 786 on it, you can sell it on e-commerce platforms like eBay. and earn up to Rs. 3 lakh.

Meaning of 786 in Islam:

The number 786 would be considered sacred among the followers of Islam, which is why many people are willing to shell out up to Rs 3 lakh or sometimes even more for a ticket with the series, regardless of the value of the cash. Apparently, in Arabic literature there is a numerology equation in which the words and letters abjad converted to numbers give 786 as a conversion of the Arabic words Besm Allah AlRahman AlRahim which literally means in English: “In the name of Allah ( that is to say God) the Merciful the Merciful “.

Aside from this particular serial number which is in high demand, coins with special images, special edition coins and banknotes, or vintage / antique coins also make money online. Anyone with a banknote on these lines can sell them online on many auction sites like eBay, Quikr, CoinBazzar which allow people to buy and sell unique banknotes and coins.

Old coins, rare banknotes, abandoned currencies, special banknotes or defective coins and currencies are in great demand in the online market. In fact, people are willing to pay large sums to get their hands on old and unique coins and banknotes. A Re 1 coin has already been auctioned for Rs 10 crore. It was a special coin issued in 1885, when the British ruled India. In June, a 1933 coin with a face value of $ 20 was sold for $ 18.9 million in New York City.

One currency note that excites collectors is the Rs 5 note with a photo of a tractor and the serial number 786. An old Re 1 note can be sold for up to Rs 45,000 if signed by the governor from the HM Patel era in 1957 and has the serial number – 123456. Its auction price on the online platform CoinBazzar is Rs 44,999.

Some Rs 2 coin can help you earn up to Rs 5 lakh while sitting at home. This particular Rs 2 coin was issued in 1994 and has the Indian flag on the back. The price of this special 2 rupees has been set at Rs 5 lakh on the Quickr website. If you have this particular coin or any other vintage and rare coin in your collection, you can list them online and earn thousands of rupees by selling them to the interested party.

Another rare banknote that can make you richer instantly is an old and rare Rs 10 note. The note should have been issued in 1943, have an Ashoka pillar printed on one side and a boat on the other side. If it bears the signature of RBI Governor CD Deshmukh, it can cost 25,000 rupees in a matter of minutes.

A pre-independence Queen Victoria Re 1 silver coin was previously set at Rs 2 lakh. While another British era coin bearing the picture of Emperor George V King 1918 was priced at Rs 9 lakh. Note that you can also sell your old coins and banknotes collected on the website of CoinBazzar by registering on the website providing your contact details such as name, email and full address.

Currently, in one of the listings on the website, a Rs 100 banknote with a rare digital serial – 000786- and the signature of former RBI Governor D Subbarao is sold for Rs 1,999. Sellers still have it. the ability to negotiate the price and get a higher bid for their collection.

Watch out for scammers:

The Reserve Bank of India recently issued a warning message regarding the online sale and purchase of old banknotes and coins. “It has been brought to the attention of the Reserve Bank of India that certain items fraudulently use the Reserve Bank of India name / logo, and charge fees / commissions / taxes from the public, in transactions related to the purchase and selling old banknotes and coins through various online / offline platforms, ”an RBI statement said.

The central bank further clarified that it does not deal with such matters and never charges fees / commissions of any kind. The RBI also did not authorize any institution / company / person etc. to collect fees / commissions on its behalf in such transactions, the Central Bank said.

RBI advised people to be careful not to fall prey to elements using the Reserve Bank of India name to mine money through fake / fraudulent offers.

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