Column: Where John Deere Lives | Chroniclers


As we launch a new brand for our region, partnering with Visit Quad Cities, we’ve asked what makes QC special – and Quad Citizens always say John Deere tops the list.

Why? Having a Fortune 100 business in Quebec is important to our region for a variety of reasons, including growing our economy, creating great jobs that help build families and strengthen our community.

With its 16 installations across Quebec and its 7,300 employees, John Deere has a significant impact on our region. There is a significant direct economic impact from the wages that employees earn and then spend locally, keeping the dollars in QC. Over the years, Deere has invested billions of dollars in its facilities. In addition, John Deere partners with nearly 600 suppliers in the Quad Cities region and invests more than $ 750 million annually in these companies.

We take pride in the products made by John Deere that are shipped around the world, made by an admired workforce across the United States. As manufacturing jobs declined in the United States, John Deere reversed this trend and increased its production workforce, thus benefiting QC.

Beyond that, John Deere is a leading corporate citizen at the highest level. John Deere and its employees are very generous, giving funds and volunteering more than any other company in our area. The examples are endless on the right John Deere and its employees have contributed to QC. For the Quad-Cities Chamber, John Deere is investing in efforts to grow our talent pool, which is critical to growing our economy.

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