Donohoe Agri and Kverneland join forces for Tillage Day

Kverneland has emerged from the devastation of the past two years with vigor and enthusiasm to continue selling machines that have not always been matched by its competitors.

This year the company has held a series of events, both in Ireland and overseas, which have brought its products and developments to the fore, the latest of which was a joint field demonstration day organized in conjunction with Donohoe Agri Machinery of Enniscorthy. , County Wexford.

New Holland fills a void

Earlier this year, Donohoe Agri made headlines when it took over concessionaire New Holland for much of Counties Wexford and Carlow, a partnership the company is confident will prove extremely beneficial for both parties. according to its managing director, Tom O’Leary.

New Holland and Kverneland are a winning combination for Donohoes according to Tom O’Leary

Tractor sales have been strong this year, and like all dealerships, the supply issue has been more important than lack of orders.

Yet the industry as a whole appears to be adapting to the situation, with advanced stock orders now taking precedence over custom configuration of machines on the production line.

This does not mean, however, that customers must simply accept whatever the dealer has ordered from the factory.

A new approach to buying new

The key point to consider when ordering a new tractor is that the two essential components are its engine and its transmission.

Once this combination has been decided, it cannot be changed during the production process, which begins with the assembly schedule.

Buy a new tractor
Engine and transmission specification is the first decision when ordering a new tractor

There is, however, some wiggle room with many other items and options, and a dealer can modify them to meet customer requirements as the time for tractor assembly approaches.

New Holland is by no means alone in taking this approach, and as a working solution during this time of tight component supply, it has its merits.

Six cylinders save fuel

Tom notes that the model currently generating the most interest among farmers is the New Holland T6.180, a tractor that has the low-end performance of a six-cylinder engine, yet is compact enough to work in the yard. .

Contractors, on the whole, are looking for at least 250bhp and one of New Holland’s big advantages is that in those two power brackets they have a much wider range of transmissions than their rivals, he said. declared. Agriland.

New Hiolland t6.180 kverneland
The six-cylinder T7.180 proves to be a popular tractor for Donohoe Agri

Besides the demand for more and more horsepower, another change he has seen over the years is that farmers and contractors are becoming more savvy; they are taking a much closer look at their operations and learning about what is available and how it could move them forward.

That’s not to say they wholeheartedly embrace the full range of digital technologies that exist.

Tom’s customers are looking for anything that will make working at ground level faster and more efficient, an interest driven by labor shortages.

Donohoe Agri loyal to Kverneland

Donohoe Agri Machinery built its name and reputation with Massey Ferguson before taking on Deutz. The latest move towards former Massey rivals would not have been possible without the involvement of a neutral manufacturer between the two, to act as a buffer, Tom explained.

Kverneland seed drill day tillage
Being the parent company of Kverneland, a Kubota was also allowed to enter the field

During this time they have retained and developed the Kverneland franchise, a manufacturer which they hold as a valuable part of their range of agricultural machinery.

Kverneland is also keen to highlight the strong working relationship it has with Donohoes, and this particular demo day was a feature of this partnership.

Heavy duty kit for Irish soils

While there weren’t any particularly new machines on the scene, both companies took the opportunity to show off the high-end equipment from the Kverneland lineup.

Donohoe agri kverneland premium
The Top spec E Drill Maxi Plus is a dual hopper drill mounted above a heavy duty S-Series rotovator

Luckily, the terrain chosen was of light, free-flowing soil, which meant wellies were not necessary despite the storms of the previous days.

The downside to this happy situation was that the tools weren’t unduly tested and they moved around the pitch with little effort, which isn’t a typical scenario for Ireland, but there was always a tremendous interest from the large number of people present.

Farmers focus on benefits

It confirmed what Tom was saying about customers focusing much more on what the machines can do for them. This was not a crowd of tire kickers, but operators who wanted to familiarize themselves with what was on offer.

wexford demo day
Great interest was shown by the large number of visitors to the demo day

Kverneland is synonymous with the plow in Ireland and provides a good base from which to sell other cultivation equipment, but it is not an automatic progression for all farmers and contractors, so Donohoe Agri Machinery still has work to do. board to convert interest into sales. .

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