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New Delhi: The government of Uttar Pradesh is tightening its grip on ineligible beneficiaries of the Antyodaya Anna Yojana scheme. Authorities reportedly asked ineligible recipients to surrender their ration cards. However, if you broke the rule, the authorities could take action against you. Authorities reportedly intend to take action against ineligible ration card holders. The government has also released eligibility criteria for ration cards and discount rules. According to the media, 8,000 ineligible cards have been canceled by the authorities.

Ration card eligibility rules for Uttar Pradesh:

One of the most important eligibility criteria is that the cardholder must be a resident of Uttar Pradesh. Additionally, the head of household must be a woman over the age of 18 to be eligible, according to media reports. However, if the head of the family, who is a man, suffers from an incurable disease or is over the age of 60 and the monthly family income does not exceed Rs. affordable or free. . Also Read: Petrol and Diesel Prices Today: Bhubaneswar Slashed by Almost Rs 10, Compare the Cost in Your City

In addition, the monthly income of the family should be less than Rs 15,000. In addition, the family presented has less than 2 hectares of irrigated land to become eligible for an affordable or free ration. Also Read: Samsung Fab Grab Fest Extended Until May 23: Check Out Deals, Discounts on Smartphones, TVs, and More

Who should return the ration card?

  • Families with four-wheeled vehicles – from cars to tractors – will be required to hand in ration cards.
  • Ration card holders should not own a pucca house built on 100 square meters of land in rural or urban areas.
  • Government employees will also have to surrender their ration cards.
  • People subject to income tax will also have to return the card.
  • Families with alternating current in the houses and generators with a capacity of 5 kW or more in a pucca house will have to present the card.
  • Families with commercial space of 80 square meters are not eligible for ration cards.
  • The card will have to be surrendered if the annual family income from the urban area is more than Rs 3 lakhs.
  • People with an armament permit will have to hand over the ration card.

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