Have you seen the new Fuso TV33-400S 6×4 tractor unit?

Fuso’s newest offering, the TV33-400S 6×4, offers a full load of industry-leading standard features for short and medium haul, distribution and construction.

Additionally, it can be purchased together with a fully-fledged value chain offering that includes service and maintenance contracts and bespoke in-house financing solutions through Daimler Truck Financial Services (DTFS).

Maretha Gerber, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Daimler Truck Southern Africa, said: “My heart bursts with pride as we enthusiastically welcome the newest addition to our Fuso family. I am proud to say that we have always been a brand that aligns with the business needs of its customers and our journey continues unabated. Southern Africa remains a priority market for Fuso Trucks, and today, with the launch of this new truck, we are confident that it will put us in a stronger position in all major segments. Going forward, our future product line will further strengthen our brand as our customers’ preferred business partner.

Improved energy efficiency and productivity

One of the key considerations for the all-new Fuso TV33-400S 6×4 tractor unit is maximum low-end torque, which provides the proper power and control to pull goods from a standstill, while providing the driver with enough torque. to maintain actual speed and optimize vehicle acceleration, contributing to significant fuel savings.

The new truck also comes standard with an automated manual transmission, a cutting-edge feature that continues to set the bar high in the industry, thanks to its positive impact on fuel consumption, vehicle performance, safety and driver comfort.

In addition, driving in the new model is also facilitated by an improved cruise control system and a speed limiter, which allow the driver to maintain a constant and fuel-efficient speed, thus reducing driver fatigue and accidents, especially when driving on open highways.

The all-new 6×4 tractor truck also offers commercial operators peace of mind as the vehicle is built on a heavy-duty hub reduction rear axle with a differential lock, to handle any type of task given to it to meet to a variety of business needs.

Enhanced Security Features

The truck is fully equipped with ABS air brake system and auxiliary exhaust brake, providing excellent support for safe driving.
In addition, the new vehicle has further improved safety through the cab design, as it proudly complies with the strictest ECE R29 version cab strength regulations which involve two cab tests – front impact , roof static strength and an optional impact test on the rear of the cabin. wall.

Aerodynamic cab, designed for tough conditions

The new model offers exceptional fuel economy thanks to its finely crafted aerodynamic cabin design with the aim of minimizing aerodynamic drag.
Visibility on the new truck has also been improved, thanks to the distinctive dual-chamber headlight with LED daytime running lights. LED daytime running lights increase presence on the road and improve safety.

All inspection and service points are easy to find and access, thanks to the front service hatch that ensures the vehicle is in peak operating condition and on the road it deserves.

The cabin interior is designed with the driver in mind. A prime example is the intelligent instrument cluster with multi-information display. This outstanding feature provides useful information such as coolant temperature, ambient temperature, engine hours, average speed, DTE fuel efficiency and speedometer.

Additionally, great attention has been paid to the details of the new vehicle in the sleeper cab, which has been designed to make drivers feel at home on the road, reduce driver fatigue and maximize productivity.

Exceptional service intervals and warranty tailored to your business

This includes engine oil changes at 50,000 km or 1,000 hours, coolant change at approximately 100,000 km or 12 months, transmission oil change at 150,000 km, oil change at 150,000 km differential and four-year or 300,000 km warranty.

Source: Motor Press

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