In the dock: 10 Boltonians sentenced by magistrates

MAGISTRATES have ordered a man to do 200 hours of unpaid work after he admitted stalking a woman for 10 months. Arjan Singh, 37, of Cherry Tree Avenue, Farnworth, repeatedly texted, emailed and made calls to his victim from May 2020 to April this year, drove down his street and got parked in front of his house. Singh is scheduled to participate in 20 days of rehabilitation activities and an injunction has been issued prohibiting him from contacting his victim or approaching his home.


A WOMAN has been sentenced to 18 months on parole after admitting to using threatening language or behavior on June 15. Lynne Greeney, 46, of Georgina Court, Bolton, was also ordered to pay £22 to fund victim services.

Doomed Flasher

MAGISTRATES have fined a pensioner £80 after he admitted to intentionally exposing his genitals on July 23 last year. Kenneth Stockton, 82, of Church Road, Stoneclough, pleaded guilty to committing the offense with intent that anyone should see and be alarmed or distressed. Stockton, who initially denied committing the crime, was ordered to participate in 15 days of rehabilitation activities.

Man harassing woman

A MAN has been fined £307 by Manchester magistrates after he admitted harassing a woman by sending her spam letters and WhatsApp messages in November and December 2019. James Chambers, 57, of Toronto Street, Bolton , was also ordered to pay £207 in costs and charges.

Shoplifting Stole Bacon

A SHOPLIFTER who stole pots of coffee and 24 packets of bacon from Lidl and Tesco in Farnworth on three occasions in February has been jailed for six weeks. Ryan Haywood, 29, of Prospect Avenue, Farnworth, was also ordered to pay £114 in compensation.

tractor thief

A TEEN who stole a tractor has been sentenced to 12 months in a juvenile facility. Jordan Sabo, 18, of Mobberley Road, Bolton, robbed Bank Barn in Wardle, Rochdale, on July 14 and stole a Massey Ferguson tractor, worth £16,000. He also admitted to assaulting and using threatening behavior towards police officers.

Audi driver

A THIEF stole an Audi A1 and was involved in an accident with another vehicle. Dean Booth, 28, from New Street, Blackrod, picked up the vehicle on November 18 last year and was caught driving it uninsured on Greenbarn Way, Bolton. Booth also admitted to assaulting a police officer, failing to provide a blood sample and possessing cocaine. He was given a community sentence during which he must perform 120 hours of unpaid work and pay £350 in compensation.

Drunk and messy

MAGISTRATES have fined a man £80 after he admitted being drunk and disorderly in Bury Road, Bolton on April 27. Kevin Hampson, 36, of Belvoir Street, Bolton, was also ordered to pay £119 in costs and charges.

A burglar stole clothes

A burglar who stole clothes worth £2,000 from Ault’s Menswear in Bolton has been spared jail time. Sean Power, 52, of Lichfield Avenue, Bolton, pleaded guilty to robbing the store in the early hours of July 22 last year and causing damage estimated at £400. He was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison suspended for 18 months during which he must undergo treatment for drug addiction, mental health problems and participate in 15 days of rehabilitation activities. Power must also pay £1,000 in compensation to the store.

Voice Messaging

MAGISTRATES have fined a man £60 after he admitted sending a malicious voicemail message to a woman on April 24. Lee Philburn, 39, of Newby Road, Breightmet, was also ordered to pay £119 in costs and charges.

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