Live the life you want with the indestructible and Russian Sherp Max ATV


You may have heard of the Sherp Max before, but this time you will find out what makes this vehicle such a self-contained piece. In my opinion, it is so unique that you will recognize it among other ATVs in an instant.

The year is 2012, and the first Sherp vehicle is tested. A few years later, in 2015, the Moscow Off-Road Show launched a Sherp. Leaving everyone in awe and begging for more, the team began to mass produce these puppies. Six years later, everyone seems to want one. Kanye West is known to give them away like Oprah, so let’s see why they’re so important.

Take a look at this beast before you read on; it will help you take in all the information and put this machine in perspective. As it stands, the MAX comes with a length of 3,500mm (11.5ft), height of 2,420mm (7.9ft), and width of 2,520mm (8.3ft). ); it’s basically a tank. The 600mm (1.97ft) clearance allows you to get over and through just about anything.

Speaking of riding on stuff, the Max can climb 35 degree inclines, is very floaty due to its body construction, which makes it amphibious, and can even get out of water and on ice. Be careful, this is only the beginning. The Max can turn almost in place, clear obstacles up to 100 cm (39.3 in.) High and have a battery life of up to 70 hours. How is all this possible?

The first characteristic to note is the construction of the body. Using aluminum, the team can create a light but bulky vehicle, providing the buoyancy needed to float. The massive tubeless tires also play a role in the design. Overall, the body is equipped for two people in the cabin, two sleeping in the Kung being at the rear; a passenger capacity of six people is the limit for the Mountain biking. An additional 1,000 kg (2,204 lb) load capacity and 1,000 kg (2,204 lb) of towing allow you to carry a lot of gear. You will need it when you get to the end of the earth.

Using a Kubota four-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 44 horsepower (33 kW), the Max does not look promising. The diesel engine running under a six-speed mechanical transmission is the one responsible for this massive range. Land speed averages a mediocre 40 km / h (25 mph) and water speed reaches 6 km / h (3.73 mph). Of course, it is not the hare, but slowly and steadily wins the race in this case.

As for the type of terrain you can overcome in any of them, rocks, stones, scree, gravel, sand, swamps, and even asphalt are all suitable surfaces, not to mention l ‘water. To help you overcome all that are the low pressure tires with self-inflating system and the air circulation suspension, which can even be lowered when loading or unloading the vehicle.

Sherp vehicles start around the $ 100,000 range, but can go as high as $ 375,000. However, the manufacturer’s website does not indicate how much a new Max will execute you. For this you have to drop your phone number and you will be called. Whatever the price, don’t forget to bring a few extra dollars as Sherp has a long list of options such as winches and mattresses to take your trip to the next level. If you are considering starting a business with a herd of Sherps, the team has a rental plan as well.

Honestly, what more do you want? It sounds like the kind of vehicle meant to overcome just about anything. Imagine taking one apart and turning it into a mobile home. Ah, life on the Siberian plains.

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