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Massey Ferguson launched its entire S-Series line last February at the National Farm Machinery Show in Kentucky, and today we’re going to take a closer look at the 7S-Series, the big brother to the 6S we introduced to you earlier.

While we’re looking to up the ante on the 6S, the 7S will provide growers ample power with its 6-cylinder engine with various options providing power ranging from 155 to 210 horsepower. Additionally, the 7S has a wheelbase approximately eight inches longer than the 6S. Now, with the 6S delivering between 145 and 180 horsepower, some may wonder why upgrade to the 7S when the power is apparently comparable.

Adam Sills, product marketing specialist at AGCO, explains that the 7S is aimed at growers who need a little extra weight to better navigate the field or to handle some of the tougher tools.

“Let’s say you’re operating on hilly slopes and you have a round baler and you need a bit heavier tractor to sort of hold that slope, you might want to upgrade to the 7S. Maybe you have big implements mounted and you need the weight of the tractor to be able to handle those implements, but you still need that compact size and maneuverability to run your loader, this will still be a great tractor without sacrificing that [feature].”

Speaking of handling, the MF 7S boasts a 16-foot, 2-inch turning radius and a sub-33-foot turning radius, this on a 113.4-inch wheelbase and the best axle suspension in the industry. its category offers optimal traction even in the most difficult conditions. demanding applications.

Sills says Massey hasn’t deviated from the drivetrains, retaining the same two very impressive options that are available in the 6S.

“The 6S and 7S have either a Dyna six which is a 24 speed powershift transmission or the Dyna VT. The Dyna VT is an AGCO CVT transmission, which is known worldwide for its performance and reliability as in the transmission CVT.

With continuity and comfort in mind, Sills says they wanted producers to be able to jump into any S-series and know where everything is and reap the benefits of the comfort factor.

The MF 7S Series cab layout uses simple color coding on all controls for an intuitive operator experience. The new Datatronic 5 terminal, available with the Deluxe version, offers a single integrated system for all tractor, camera and ISOBUS technologies. This state-of-the-art system allows quick and easy configuration changes to the hydraulics, transmission and engine for efficient operation. The single-monitor setup allows growers to keep track of important systems and operate in one convenient location for a more user-friendly experience. Producers can customize up to five dashboards so the information they need is always at their fingertips.

Plus, the new MF Guide, which reduces overlap and can save up to 12% fuel in field operations. Massey also offers the MF Section and MF Rate Control, which minimize skipping and product waste for optimum efficiency.

All this while maximizing comfort with passive and active mechanical cabin suspension, a seven degree cooler cabin, plenty of glass providing a 360 degree view and also LED lights, to maximize nighttime visibility.

For more on the Massey Ferguson S-Series and other highlights from this year’s National Farm Machinery Show, click here.

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