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It was a big year for One for Fun (formerly H. Grossman Ltd) and its main brands, Tobar, Ozbozz and HGL, as well as its retail brands, including Maisto, Bburago and Zuru.

With Pushpoppers in the lead, 2022 sees the launch of more spending money lines that capitalize on the fidget trend. One for Fun’s Bumper Fidget Box won Craze of the Year at the London Toy Fair, and the company’s track record of picking best sellers continues. Check out the Squishy Cute Animal Tub – adorable and timeless squishy friends. Dinosaur head tubs (large or small) are also available that open to reveal a collection of mini dinosaurs; the heads are available as T-Rex or Triceratops and are poised to take a huge chunk of the pocket money market.

Stretchy, squishy, ​​shiny, sparkly and spooky are the themes for 2022’s pocket money lines with a special mention for the Fidget Slug. Already flying off the shelves, these cute moving slugs are made up of interlocking cups and come in rainbow, glow-in-the-dark and a range of neon colors.

Tobar’s offering includes SCRUNCHEMS, the best-selling fidget balls that include glow-in-the-dark, textured and sensory versions. Don’t forget the Jumblys, shapes that twist to create new shapes; they come in trendy neon, color changing, glitter and rainbow versions in eye-catching packaging.

Venturing into the great outdoors wouldn’t be the same without Ozbozz’s range of scooters and outdoor toys. 2022 sees the introduction of new major outdoor product lines including larger wheeled scooters, pogo sticks and new generic skateboard models.

Cute canine Poppy the Booty Shakin’ Pug, from Zuru’s Pets Alive range, will be the star of the show in Harrogate – try not to smile as she turns her head and shakes her booty. Bubble Wow is also from Zuru, a great way to create bubbles with gloves. Simply dip them in the bubble solution and shake! 2022 sees the introduction of a Paw Patrol version.

Robo Alive’s offerings include Dino Fossil Find; locate the bones and put them together, then watch them come to life with light and sound. The brand has also added new colors to its Lurking Lizard and Robo Fish lines, and introduced Crawling Cockroach and Spider.

The all new BB Junior range combines style and great engineering to create a unique concept in the nursery space. Key lines for this year are the Junior Drive & Rock collection, combining large, colorful and sturdy vehicles with a removable musical element.

Moving up the age bracket, Bburago is expanding its range of popular agricultural vehicles with additions to the Massey Ferguson range, with the flagship being a Massey R/C tractor and trailer, due for release in Q3 2022.

In addition to introducing its best-selling set of die-cast emergency vehicles, Maisto completes its existing R/C CYKLONE line with the Cyklone Buggy and Cyklone Monster. Both vehicles move back and forth and can drift at the same time.

The latest – unusually – is Lewis Hamilton. Maisto presents an R/C version of its latest Formula 1 vehicle in its 2021 colors.

One for Fun will be at the Toymaster May Show, May 17-19, at the Majestic Hotel, Harrogate. Contact: [email protected]

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