RIZIN 32 videos, results: Rena Kubota stops Miyuu Yamamoto with vicious knee in main event

RIZIN put her 32nd card on with atomic weight contender Miyuu Yamamoto looking to avenge her first MMA loss to Rena Kubota five years after the fact at the main event in Okinawa, Japan on Saturday, but she did not. ultimately not taken his revenge.

Yamamoto got off to a good start in the first lap, landing a few good left hands before bringing Kubota down to work his soil and pound. Kubota surprised her with an armband attempt, with Yamamoto landing with his knees on his head in defense. Kubota had a deep arm, but time has passed.

Yamamoto wasted no time on his feet in the second stanza, putting Kubota on the ground just seconds into the action. Back on his feet after a minute of ground-and-pound, Yamamoto shot for another takedown but ate a big knee to his face. Yamamoto was injured and the referee stopped him after a few more shots from Kubota.

The 13-fight event featured wilder finishes, like Tanner Lourenco charging Shinya Kumazawa for using a gi during the match and forcing him to type while choking him with the backhand. In the heavyweight division, Bobby Ologun finished MMA newcomer Katsuya Kitamura with a rear choke in the second.

Japanese audiences witnessed some memorable knockouts at the start of the show as Yuichi Miyagi chilled Tomohiro Adaniya with a vicious knee in the clinch in the first minute of their flyweight contest, as Noah Bey dropped and finished. Daryl Lokuku with a right hand.

Check out the full RIZIN 32 results below.

Rena Kubota beat. Miyuu Yamamoto via TKO in Round 2 (3:35)
Yoshiro Maeda beat. Mitsuhisa Sunabe via unanimous decision
Bobby Ologun def. Katsuya Kitamura via Second Round Submission (Naked Rear Choke)
Noah Bey def. Daryl Lokuku via Third Round KO (1:09)
Juri Ohara beat. Kohei Tokeshi via First Round TKO (1:16)
Haruo Ochi defeated Tatsuya So by unanimous decision
Yuichi Miyagi has won. Tomohiro Adaniya by KO in the first round (0:47)
Mizuki Oshiro beat. Aira Koga by split decision
Tanner Lourenço def. Shinya Kumazawa via second round submission (gi starter) (1:34)
Sho Sekihara beat. Takahiro Kuniyoshi via unanimous decision

Kick boxing :
Koji Tanaka vs. Kazuma Sone via unanimous decision
Hirokatsu Miyagi beat. Lopez Satsuma via First Round KO (2:39)
Ryoga Terayama beat. Hiroki Kinjo by unanimous decision

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