Sale of Fleet Man’s Tractor Hargate Bill garnered national attention

The auction of a famous collection of tractors aroused national interest.

Bill Payne’s collection of classic tractors and historic horse carts at Fleet Hargate has been a well-known sight for many years and has attracted around 500 people when they came under the hammer.

Auctioneer Will Barker was delighted with the response to the auction, which drew people from Lancashire.

Bill Payne sold his tractor collection to Fleet

He said: “I know it would create national interest as the collection is quite the landmark along the A17.

“I wouldn’t say it was the Angel of the North, but it’s a Lincolnshire monument.

“I was very happy with the sale. We are a new company and I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to lead this sale.

Mr Barker said all 30 tractors came under a hammer in the sale, which raised around £ 150,000.

Mr. Payne had built up the collection for several years and had hoped to create a museum.

Mr Barker said: “There were Fordsons, Gray Fergusons and a red Massey Ferguson which was a very popular property.

“A lot of tractors came out in the ’60s and’ 70s, which makes them very collectable.”

The historic horse carts also attracted attention during the sale.

Mr. Barker will continue sales into the new year.

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