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No matter what you haul, every professional truck driver knows how important it is to have the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) on their rig. Simply put, your APU is responsible for making your truck a home away from home.Whether you are looking to get a good night’s sleep, have reliable power for air conditioning / heating, or a host of other devices that help make your living space more comfortable, it is essential that the APU you you choose works as hard as you.While there are a number of APU manufacturers to consider, we believe Green APU produces the most refined unit on the market today. Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons our gear is a cut above the rest.

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With over a decade under our belt, we’re here to stayOver the years, we have seen a number of APU companies come and go. We are proud to say that we have been building our products and supporting our customers for over 10 years!You can be sure that we are with you for the long haul. One thing is certain; We are here to stay. Green APU has spent the past decade supporting our product and taking care of our customers. We will continue to do so for many decades to come.APUs are all we doAn old expression says that it is better to do one thing exceptionally well than a lot of things just well. Making APUs is all we do. We are committed to building only the most reliable and efficient units on the market. Our company believes that when you focus your efforts on one thing and only one, the best results are achieved.We test, retest, then retestIf we’re not sure how our APUs perform on the road, neither should you be.Our business started when our founders needed a better APU for their fleet of 120 semi-trailers.We couldn’t find any units that met our high standards, so we decided to make them ourselves. Before putting even a single APU in a customer’s truck, our equipment is tested in our own platforms for a period of up to a year to ensure that they perform as we do. let’s wait for it.We are on our 5th generation APU – The Star EditionOur latest 5th generation Star Edition unit is a game-changer. Built and assembled in the USA from our Chicago-area location, the Star Edition is powered by the road-proven 3-cylinder Kubota engine, making it the most powerful APU in the industry.Weighing just over 350 pounds, the unit features an all-aluminum housing that won’t rust and a single, self-adjusting serpentine belt that’s three times stronger than a traditional V-belt setup.We are putting green in the APU industry. Our unit burns just over a gallon of fuel per hour, saving up to $ 15,000 in diesel fuel costs and reclamation expenses each year. Plus, our engine preheat and battery monitoring technology will ensure your rig restarts every time, whether it’s hot or cold outside.Easy to install, use and maintainWe can install your green APU in many convenient locations across the country. Our compact design requires little to no modification for the perfect fit and does not require a sleeper heater.Are you concerned about spare parts? Never worry again. Green APU uses all off-the-shelf components, which means you can get replacement parts at any auto store or through our nationally recognized network of repair centers.Excellent warranty and lifetime technical supportWe’ll also back you up with our 2-year, 3,000-hour warranty – double that of any of our competitors. Green APU also provides lifetime technical support. Last but not least, our price is lower than comparable units from Thermo King and Carrier.Committed to your comfort and your success Every day we come to work with one goal in mind: to help the trucker on the road do his job. If you want an APU on board that will make your life easier, make your life easier, and also save you money, we would love to chat with you.

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