Why tractor dealers will be able to sell you an Ineos Grenadier

To bootstrap the network, Ineos has been pre-selling the Grenadier worldwide since July 2021 using Ineos’ online configurators, presentations at trade shows and events and invitations to off-road driving events, which, together are said to have established an order bank of “over 15,000 reservations, each backed by a refundable deposit of £450. Order books officially open on May 18, after which customers on the reservations list will be contacted by Ineos to appoint a preferred reseller, followed by negotiations to seal the deal.

Although around 25% of the Ineos network are not established OEM operations, Pearson expects comparable standards of customer service and care, given that agricultural dealers often sell equipment priced in hundreds of thousands of pounds.

“Our agricultural dealers are very sophisticated and super experienced,” adds Pearson, “and are used to sending technicians out into the field to fix equipment at short notice, often with their own fleet of pickup trucks.”

Ineos has not specified the amount of investment required from each dealer, although a showroom of 2/3 cars added to an existing property is usually an investment of several £100,000s, not millions. “For all of our partners it works from a financial standpoint, adding a franchise to a building they already have is incredibly efficient and everyone wins.”

Farm dealerships are also important trading hubs, combining the sale of equipment with field supplies and groceries. “Chandlers in Lincolnshire is a great example of this,” he adds, “they have a Ssangyong showroom, collection business, agricultural business and Massey Ferguson sales, but are also a shop business of campaign with pet food, groceries and 60-80 people passing through it every day, so being linked to other businesses works perfectly for us.Finding new associates has also been a lesson learned at McLaren.

Ineos is also ready to be flexible and practical in the design of its concessions. There’s an ideal setup – complete with a computer image of what it might look like – but the design is modular to allow dealers to pick and choose what’s right for them.

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