Winners and sinners of the gains this week – November 22 to November 27, 2021

Various Chinese actions registered in the United States would pay off. In light of the earnings reaction to the carpool organization $ DIDI, we thought Chinese stocks were poised to stage a big rebound.

Lenders were also convinced, KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF gained 8% ahead of China’s huge profit last week. Sadly, most of those who rose in compassion with the high income of $ DIDI have since fallen back to Earth.

The only winner of “Enormous China” this week was, which gained 6.3% after beating expert ratings on Top Concern. So he’s a great sinner.

Dollar Tree is straight dripping. The $ DLTR jumped 9.17% to all-time highs after beating top concerns in its third quarter earnings report.

$ DLTR | EPS: $ 0.96 (vs. $ 0.95 expected) | Turnover: 6.42 billion dollars (against 6.41 billion dollars anticipated) | Link to the report

Abercrombie & Fitch flopped 12.6% regardless of Wall Street expectations. Revenue became 10% year-over-year.

$ ANF | EPS: $ 0.86 (vs. $ 0.68 expected) | Revenue: $ 905 million (vs. $ 894 million forecast)

Hole, Inc fell 1.8% today following lower revenue and transaction management due to inventory network issues. The $ GPS is still up 18.6% year-to-date.

$ GPS | EPS: $ 0.27 (vs. $ 0.49 expected) | Revenue: $ 3.9 billion (vs. $ 4.5 billion forecast)

John Deere Nails Earnings, Ends Labor Strike

John Deere revealed the profit today and nailed it. 🔨 The ranch supply and development organization posted record revenues and even went to a deal with its professional guild to increase compensation, ending a five-week strike.

John Deere posted a net gain of $ 1.283 billion ($ 4.12 / share). The organization’s overall net transactions and revenue grew + 16% year-on-year to $ 11.327 billion. John C. May, CEO of John Deere, said:

“The strong execution of Deere’s last quarter and full year was conveyed by our dedicated representatives, salespeople and suppliers around the world, who have helped us continue to operate safely and serve our customers. “

As for Deere’s relationship with the United Auto Workers Union, 61% of UAW individuals voted for John Deere’s proposal to end the continuing labor strike and increase workers’ wages. May shared:

“Last week’s confirmation of a 6-year deal with the UAW brings our exceptionally gifted reps back to work building the best articles of our businesses. The arrangement shows our continued obligation to pass on high standards of wages and benefits. “

John Deere is excited about the state of affairs ahead as the organization has noticed its great attitude towards crop costs, interest in machinery and the larger executive business. Strong finances and happy specialists ?? It’s a mutual benefit assuming we’ve seen one at some point.

Crypto had two things to make it work this week: 1) the stock market was closed and confirmed degens can’t go a day without seeing $$ gainz $$… and 2) Americans had Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving is basically a lot of relaxation while someone complains about having a feast for 21 people. As a result, it’s really straightforward to see the basics leaning towards crypto yesterday.

Tragically, the world is currently on the stuffing and the turkey. They are currently stressed by bigger and additional issues (i.e .: the nine trillionth new type of Covid visiting the world and the distribution of money from an entire country due to the state of mind of a political pioneer.) Traditionally, cryptography would be considered a safe haven from these kinds of worries.

Tragically, it does not appear to be too much of a very remarkable “place of refuge” against customary values. In the Top 10 Cryptos, $ DOT.X was down 11.6%, leading to eliminations. $ BTC.X recorded a fall of 7.8% and $ ETH.X recorded its own drop of 9.8%. In the Top 100 plays, only seven were in the green.

The current dip has erased the 7-day gains of most coins. For resources like Bitcoin, this is a decrease in the bear area. Can he overcome negative headwinds?

The global crypto market capitalization fell 7.9%. Sinful time for crypto!

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